April 15 | 2014

Flupharm scientists and science advisory board all met 9-11 April in Hamburg for an annual progress meeting and review.

November 22 | 2013

Flupharm featured in new European Synchrotron Research facililty visitor centre

ESRF visitor centre Credit C Jarnias

As part of an ongoing collaboration, Flupharm coordinator EMBL Grenoble helped the European Synchrotron Research Facility design an interactive wall explaining structural biology for their new visitor centre.

October 23 | 2013

Flupharm coordinator welcomes group of European journalists

On October 23, Flupharm coordinator Stephen Cusack welcomed a group of European journalists to EMBL Grenoble and the partnership for structural biology.

October 18 | 2013


New 7-methyl-guanosine derivatives targeting the influenza polymerase PB2 cap-binding domain

Authors | Pautus S, Sehr P, Lewis J, Fortune A, Wolkerstorfer A, Szolar O, Guilligay D, Lunardi T, Decout JL, Cusack S

October 14 | 2013

Flupharm at the French Science Festival

EMBL Grenoble staff working on the Flupharm project volunteered as part of the French Science Festival on 12-13 October 2013.