July 15 | 2013


Exploration of binary virus-host interactions using an infectious protein complementation assay

Authors | Sandie Munier, Thomas Rolland, Cédric Diot, Yves Jacob, and Nadia Naffakh

July 11 | 2013


Characterization of PA-N terminal domain of Influenza A polymerase reveals sequence specific RNA cleavage

Authors | Kausiki Datta, Andrea Wolkerstorfer, Oliver H. J. Szolar, Stephen Cusack and Klaus Klumpp

July 2 | 2013


Adaptive mutations in the H5N1 polymerase complex

Authors | Gülsah Gabriel, Volker Czudai-Matwich, Hans-Dieter Klenk

June 16 | 2013

Flupharm presented at French Rhône Alpes region PhD fair

On June 14th, University Joseph Fourier PhD student Alexandre Monod presented his work on a Structural and functional study of the influenza virus RNA-polymerase at the Rhône Alpes region PhD fair.

May 12 | 2013

Flupharm was showcased as part of an exhibition about the European Union which took place at the Hamburg townhall, from 25 April to 12 May.