Institut Pasteur

Institut Pasteur

Institut Pasteur is a non-profit private foundation, dedicated to the prevention and treatment of diseases through biomedical research, education and public health activities, with a large focus on infectious diseases. The IP hosts about 2,600 staff, including approximately 600 tenured scientists, as well as numerous PhD students, post-doctoral fellows and trainees.

IP has developed a high-level technology park composed of 10 state-of-the-art technological platforms, to provide cutting-edge equipment and know-how for all genomic to post-genomic activities. These include bioinformatics, proteomics, sequencing, protein and antibody production, BSL2 (bio-safety level) and BSL3 animal facilities and an exceptional imaging centre (Imagopole). The IP’s Teaching Center offers a high quality training program to young French and foreign researchers. Institut Pasteur has been a successful partner and coordinator in numerous European projects including Collaborative Projects and Networks of Excellence.



Current position: Group leader in the Molecular Genetics of RNA Viruses unit, which is also a National Influenza Center for Northern France and a WHO H5 reference laboratory (head: Pr. S van der Werf), with interest in determinants of influenza virus cross-species transmission and adaptation, and in antivirals.

Research focus: Interactions between viral ribonucleoproteins and host cell. Participated in EU projects (VIRGIL, NOVAFLU, FLUINNATE).



Current position: Assistant-Professor at Université Paris 7, joined Nadia Naffakh’s group in 2007. Previous focus of research: mechanisms of HIV-1 genome nuclear import.

Research focus: Determinants of influenza virus cross-species transmission and adaptation, live-imaging studies using genetically engineered influenza viruses.