Slovak Academy of Science

Institute of Virology, SAS, Bratislava
The Institute of Virology (IV) of the Slovak Academy of Science (SAS), established in 1953, is a research institution focused on virology (influenza-, herpes-, hanta- and plant viruses), microbiology (rickettsiae, chlamydiae), and molecular oncology, supported by the government.

Topics of research of the Influenza Group include the immunology and pathogenesis of influenza infections using mouse models, the biological significance of antibodies specific to HA2 gp of influenza HA, its antigenic structure, and the development of sensitive virus detection methods using hybridoma technology.

IV SAS has facilities to work with cell cultures, viruses and and experimental animals. Collaborators include the National Institute for Medical Research (London, GB), University of Oxford (GB), University of Turku (Finland), Center for Disease Control and Prevention (Atlanta, GA, USA), National Institutes of Health (Bethesda, MD, USA). IV SAS is/was involved in EU projects within FP6 (VIZIER, EUROXY, CELLCHECK, EDEN) and FP7(METOXIA, EVA, SHARCO) or other (COST).



Current position: Project leader at IV SAS. Senior scientist, leader of influenza research, focused on structural and biological studies of HA2 gp of influenza A haemagglutinin.

Research focus: Studies of the heterosubtypic protective immunity induced by HA2 gp.

Main techniques: She has experience in hybridoma technology, immunology, in development of sensitive detection systems for influenza virus in cell culture (rapid culture assay) or in clinical samples (immunocapture). She is involved in research projects financed by national and international grants (e.g. Joint Research Collaboration program between IV SAS and NIMR, UK).



Current position: Project leader and head of the Dpt. of Orthomyxoviruses at IV SAS, leader of the group focused on the pathogenesis of influenza. Main techniques: Experienced with immunohistochemical methods and reverse genetics and with leading the projects supported by Slovak government. He is participant of the IV SAS – NIMR Joint Research Collaboration program.



Current position: Young scientist at IV SAS.

Research focus: Pathogenesis of influenza virus infection and utilization of molecular-biological methods, preparation of chimeric viruses.

Main techniques: Experienced with imunohistochemical and histological methods and with animal work.