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University Joseph Fourier Grenoble 1

Based in Grenoble, the UJF is a research intensive university in an international and high-tech environment: 19000 full time students, including 1200 doctoral students with nearly 300 theses submitted each year; 2400 lecturers and researchers and a similar number of administrative and technical staff; 70 laboratories and 10 doctoral schools UJF laboratories participate to 28 FP7 projects, including coordinated by UJF, and 2 in the ERC program. 7 UJF staff members are directly involved in the management of European research projects at UJF.

The Unit of Virus Host Interactions (UVHCI) UJF-EMBL-CNRS was created in January 2007 to develop the collaboration between the University Joseph Fourier, the EMBL Grenoble outstation and the CNRS (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique). Its objective is to pursue international standard research in structural and molecular biology, focused, but not exclusively, on virus-host cell interactions and the development of associated techniques.

The UVHCI is an international mixed research unit with three partners UJF, EMBL Grenoble and CNRS. However it is not a legal entity, thus each partner involved in the project has to be separately represented. UJF funds will support the UJF-CNRS financed team of Rob Ruigrok in the FLUPHARM project.

As the UVHCI is located far from the other UJF laboratories but close to the EMBL building and protected behind a internet firewall, UJF cannot provide internet access and email facilities. EMBL has been so kind to provide these facilities through their services so that the email address of Ruigrok goes through EMBL. However, the people in his group are employed and financed by UJF and CNRS, not by EMBL.


ROB RUIGROK | PhD (1985)

Current position: Professor at UJF; deputy head of UVHCI, leader of the RNA virus structure group.

Main techniques: Biochemistry and electron microscopy.

Research focus: Structure and function of negative strand RNA virus replication. Viruses of interest: Influenza, rabies and measles viruses. He is a partner in the FP6 STREP FLUPOL (2007-2010).



Current position: CNRS scientist (CR2).

Main techniques: Protein and RNA biochemistry and X-ray crystallography.

Research focus: Presently working on the characterization of the influenza A virus endonuclease and the production of polymerase complexes containing the PB1 subunit in insect cells.



Current position: Research assistant (CNRS Ingénieur d’études).

Main techniques: Molecular biology, protein biochemistry and crystallizing proteins.

Research focus: She works on the production of intact orthomyxovirus polymerase complexes for structural and functional studies.